Someone is stealing at Lambert, Parker and Bradley, a prestigious advertising agency. Despite some old school and new technologies, major items are disappearing and major money is being lost.

In comes Jeanette Foster. A topnotch financial investigator. She’s busted the mob’s books, but nothing prepared her for this.

But that’s not what makes her assignment interesting. It’s her new working partner, the head of IT. A modern day Tarzan by the name of Adam. And she’s more than willing to be his Jane.

Adam Strathmore is the head of IT. The new outside auditor had him wanting to pound his chest and drag her off to his lair; where he’d keep her naked. He does something he swore he would never do again—get involved with someone at work. But the attraction is instant and he can’t contain himself. In or out of the office.

After a whirlwind sexual encounter that blows both of them off their feet Jeanette wants to put the break on things. Adam is not having it.

Can they solve what looks like ordinary office supply pilfering and get their relationship back on track without both of them getting fired?

“Take off my pants, then lie down on your desk back there.” He jerked his chin in the direction of the back of her office. In front of the large bay window, sat her long mahogany desk.

She did as she was told. She took his belt out of the loops and unzipped his jeans. He took her by the chin and lifted her face up towards him.

“I dreamt about this last night. Having you on the desk making you come over and over. The risk of having someone walk in on us only adds to the pleasure. Of course we will keep the blinds open.”

She felt her face flush and her eyes grew wide. They were only on the third floor. Oh…my…God. What was she allowing this man to do to her?


Adam looked up from his cell, and stood in front of  Miss Foster’s office. He pressed his ear to the closed door. He could hear her on the phone, but knocked anyway, hoping that she would let him in and he could set her up while she continued her conversation.

“Come in.”

He opened the door quietly and walked in. The woman hung up the phone and got up, a brilliant smile swept across her face. Her beautiful face.

“Hello, you must be Adam. I’m Jeanette Foster. I’m the new Chief Auditor of Operations.” She stepped from behind her desk and reached out to shake his hand.

“Yeah…Adam….Strathmore,” he barely croaked out. Va-va-va-voom! His crew wasn’t just talking this time. This woman in every sense of the word was drop dead gorgeous.

He took her hand, but kept his eyes focused on her. All of her. From her head to her feet. She was tall, at least five ten. Stacked! It’s been a long time since he’s seen a woman with real curves like this. Now he would admit, his thirty-five years hasn’t exposed him to every woman on the planet. But it seemed every woman he met at the club, or at work, seemed more focused on having a hard, lean, body more than him.

Her skin coloring reminded him of a rich cup of coffee, with just a dollop of creamer. Even with the hair pulled back, the thick black ponytail hung below her shoulder blades. Her face was heart shaped and her large round hazel eyes were dazzling.

Adam found himself moving closer to her, her hand still in his. It was her mouth that was pulling him. Those full, burgundy lips were calling to him.

And damn it, if he didn’t want to answer.

In that brief moment, a vision of him and her on the floor of her office having buck wild sex played in his mind. The thought of them naked together made his groin ache. He never had a reaction this fast to any woman.

“Mr. Strathmore?”

Adam shook his head, when he realized that Miss Foster had been calling him. “Huh?”

“I asked if that’s my new laptop.” She pointed downward.

He looked under his arm. “Oh yeah. And please….call me Adam.” He finally let go of her hand. “I’m here to set things up for you.”

“Great, I want to get started as soon as possible.”

“That’s what I’m here for Ms. Foster.”

“Please, call me Jeanette. Ms. makes me feel old.”

“I don’t think anything could ever make you feel old. You’re an exquisite looking woman.”

Before anyone could react to his words, they both stood there looking at each other, while what sounded like her cell phone rang in the background.

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Young beauty woman over nature background

1. What’s Jeanette’s title?

2. What jungle character did he remind her of?

3. Blinds open or closed during sex?

4. What’s the title of my blog?



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Northern Exposure- Brittany loves the cold and adventure. She now finds herself near the Artic Circle trying out remote control panties with a Finn she met on a nude beach.

Sebastian had been waiting for a chance to get the beauty he’d seen around to himself. Now that he holds the controls, he’s not giving them back. 

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The Writing Process

Hello everyone. This is just a little something to let other writers (and readers) know what goes on in an author’s life. I was tagged by my good friend and writing buddy, LaVerne Thompson. And I’m going to tag a few writer buddies of mine too.

 1.)    What am I working on?

 At the moment I am working on two stories. They are for my Freaky Geek series. The one story is called Office Play. (See cover below). The story set up is someone at a high power ad agency is stealing office supplies. And these are not just ordinary office supplies. We’re talking things from paper clips, to company cars and servers.

Adam, the office IT Geek/Stud is on the case. But also on the case is the gorgeous Jeanette Foster. An older woman that has caught the eye of Adam and vice versa.

The second story is Lectures In Discipline. It’s another book in the Freaky Geek series. Professor Peter Greenly is seen as the campus absent-minded, geeky professor. But Tina Kelly, a former student and now a college professor too, saw through that and always wanted him. But she’s not sure what she wants sexually from him. Does she just want to have a few moments every other night of role playing, or does she want to go all the way in the BDSM lifestyle? Well, Peter will teach her either way. WINK WINK.

 2.)    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, for Discipline I’m not going hard-core into the BDSM lifestyle. I think I write like some readers that want to experiment in reading this genre. Some are not into the hardcore stuff, but maybe would like the softer side or just dip their toes in the genre so to speak. The story is the same way. The heroine is curious, but doesn’t want to go guerrilla style in the BDSM lifestyle, but there are certain aspects of it that intrigue her.

There are a lot of hardcore stories out there for readers to shoes from and they are great reads. I just like to give readers another option.

3.)    Why do I write what I do?

Hmm. Sometimes a story just pops into the old gray matter. I read something, see something in the news, or notice something in everyday life. I also write things that I myself am curious about. I love putting my characters in certain situations that my readers might wonder what they would do if it were them. Even though my writing is fiction, I still try to make it as real as possible as though this can happen in real life. I think it makes the story more personable.

 4.)    How does my writing process work?

It depends on the story. I mostly do an outline, chapter by chapter. I almost always know the ending of the story no matter how many twist and turns it takes. It can start off one way and in the middle, make a complete 180, but the ending will always be the same. It’s just getting from point A to point B.

Now, I am tagging Marie Rochelle, Yvonne Nicolas and Kate Richards







“Do you mind if we spend the night?” Patrick inquired.

Sandra coughed and cleared her throat. It wouldn’t be the first time they stayed over. She had guest rooms, and they all crashed at each other’s places once in a while. But truth be told she wanted to finish her new reading material. The adult magazine she’d picked up, Just for Women had all kinds of hot, sexy stories in it. She’d been stuck on the same damn story for the past few weeks, but something always interrupted her.

She’d just gotten into the story the previous night when Rhonda called to give her the latest drama from her hair salon. Tonight was supposed to be Me Night. Sandra had it all planned, too: a glass of wine, a hot bath, a hot story, and maybe some self-pleasuring.

Each time she’d tried to read it, Sandra pictured Sean and Patrick as the men involved. She shook those images out of her head and tried to insert some other dude. Like Kenny, another trainer at Boot Camp. But it never worked. His face would haze over and be replaced with either Sean’s or Patrick’s. She had to mentally slap herself, because that would not do. They were her buddies.

Her two fine buddies.

Patrick was the epitome of dark and dangerous-looking, with Native American blood, and it showed nicely. Dark, shaggy hair fell to his collar, and he had what seemed like a permanent five-o-clock shadow. High cheekbones completed the bad-boy appearance, tempered with a slight hint of goofiness in his lopsided smile. His eyes were dark and brooding, which matched his personality at times. But Sandra had learned to deal with it.

Sean represented the blond, carefree, optimistic—and gorgeous type. His personality was the polar opposite of his friend’s. She loved the contrast of the two. She loved being included in their lives. Nothing intimate could ever happen between them.

But one could dream.

My B’Day Blog: Venturing in New Territory—Writing BDSM

When I first started out writing in the romantica genre, it was pretty tame except for a few epublishers. And the stuff I wrote was pretty low key also. Of course, you had more than your normal romance story sex scenes, and they were a bit more graphic. But nothing to turn your hair gray.

As I read more ebooks,  the racier the stories were becoming. I also saw what more readers were gravity to. Books with disclaimers like: GRAPHIC CONTENT. MAY OFFEND SOME READERS.  I decided then to up the anti in my writing too. No big deal, just more sex scenes and more conflict between characters, which was something I loved reading anyway.

And just so you know. For those that think it’s easy to write romance/erotica. It ain’t. It’s  harder than mysteries, in my humble opinion. It’s not just a bunch of sex scenes strung together. It has to make sense in the story plot. Yes, the story has to have a plot. LOL

But I digress.

So I read more, listen to my fan base, saw what was selling and made sure I personally liked it as well. Why?

Because if you don’t like a certain genre or topic in particular, you can’t write it with any honesty. Trust me, not matter how hard you try, it will show in your writing that you really; one, don’t like the topic. Two, the genre as a whole makes you feel queasy and three, you’ve done little to no research on the topic.

Well, that wasn’t the case with me. I decided after years of going back and forth and reading the genre, to dabble in BDSM.

Okay, let me first start off by saying, I had preconceived notions about the topic. Whenever I saw BDSM, I cringed. And by the way, ten years ago, there were not a lot of books just sitting on the selves of your local bookstore. You had to know certain authors that wrote those type of books and order them, or go to specialty stores. And these stores were small, on the corner ‘literary’ type stores. And finally, stores that catered to erotica or porn.

When I wanted to read those type of books, I use to go to the counter of my local bookstore and sheepishly ask the person at the register to order the book. Then I‘d pick it up, trying not to look ashamed. Especially since the cover would have a nearly nude woman bound and gagged on it.

SIGH. Those were the days.

Now with the Internet (and the closing of so many brick and mortar bookstores, grrrr), it’s easy to obtain those books. All you have to do is type in BDSM in the search bar and you are inundated with books, magazines, dating sites and of course porno.

I read at least 30 of these types of books in the past five to seven years. From the playful to the real intense to everything in-between. To be honest with you, my taste is somewhere in-between but closer to the tame stuff. LOL

However, that’s not to say I haven’t read some very good heavy material. Bridget Midway writes excellent BDSM, but it’s not for the faint of heart. However, her characters and story line will keep you turning the pages. Yvette Hines is another one. Great character development, Kate Richards and Tara Rose go from the mild to medium.  There is something out there for everyone!

So after reading so many of these books, I decided to dip my toes in the proverbial BDSM pool. I started with House Arrest.


Not really BDSM, more of role play and a little power play, but not what one would consider pure BDSM.

My second book Detention, got a little more into it, but it was more Dom/sub play. Still couldn’t venture into that realm of true BDSM.


Now with my third and current book, Lectures in Discipline, I dive into it with both feet. It’s still on the light to medium side, but it shows more of what the BDSM lifestyle is about. How people interact with each other. I talk about the club scene, equipment used in punishments and pleasure, forms of punishments. It’s also about a woman who is discovering herself at the same time discovering the world of BDSM.


Like me!

I had so many misconception of BDSM. I thought it was one thing and one thing only. I did not realize there were so many shades of—no, I’m not going to say it.

But anyway, the whole lifestyle covers a wide range. It can be very playful, to very intense and emotional. The people who participate in it are normal everyday folks. They can be your neighbor, the mailman. Even that church lady. LOL

Once I realized what BDSM actual is—and isn’t, it became easier to write it. I was able to tap something within myself too, that allowed the honesty to show through in my story also. My characters act genuine without seeming forced. The sex scenes, as well as punishments and rewards are organic. I can honestly say that I had no hardship in writing this story.

Will I write more BDSM stories? Yes.

Will I write more intense BDSM stories? That remains to be seen. I am still growing in this genre and still finding out new things. But as I learn and grow from my research, I can promise you, so will my writing.

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And Don’t forget to go check out my other Lionesses. Gynger Fyer and Eden Royce on their blogs, and a chance to win prizes. Look for those key words!!

Please Welcome Yvette Hines as she discusses the BDSM Genre

From Reader to Writer of BDSM

My first foray into the BDSM genre was as a reader; coming across books by authors that had been doing it long before I even knew anything about it. The stories, or should I say the complexity of the relationship of the Dom/sub captivated me. I had always enjoyed English historical where the hero was dark, dangerous and commanding. I guess you could say I have a ‘type’ when it comes to the heroes I read and write.

My curiosity continued to grow and I found myself wanting to know more. Similar to a lot of others, I’m sure. I reached out to an author friend of mine, who was already writing the genre and she suggested that if I was interested in penning bondage stories I should attend a munch. When I asked her why, she explained to me that in order to write the stories well I needed to understand the people in the lifestyle. See ii for myself, touch things, hear the sounds within a scene and talk to people. Don’t go off your own assumptions. That turned out to be the best advice. It was in 2007 when I attended my first BDSM event and I still go to them throughout the year. I now have a network of friends in both the BDSM and Leather community. (Yes, there is a difference.)

Since my first story, Speed Dating to my Strong Blends series, I have grown to I love writing BDSM just as much as I enjoy writing shifters. Both of these genres deal with the intense alpha males. This is the same even if the hero is beta or submissive.  The second part is the error a lot of novice bondage authors make. Just because the heroine maybe the dominant in the story does not mean the hero needs to be weak or wimpy. This is a red flag to authors and readers showing a lack of respect and understanding of the lifestyle, a tale-tale sign the writer doesn’t understand the lifestyle.

In order to truly write the bondage genre, an author needs to immerse themselves in all things BDSM. Now, does that mean they need to begin to live the lifestyle? No. Some do. However, when you become a part of the bondage community it changes you, your perspective about your relationship and mentally at least you assign yourself a role—Dom or sub.

Also, a writer needs to be open to all the various dimensions of the lifestyle. BDSM is as simple as someone controlling what their submissive/slave eat or pinning them down during sex. It can also be as deep and intense as knife and fire play, or medical play. If an author has never witnessed or experienced some of the more extreme sides of BDSM or they are not communicating with an expert, I would suggest they steer clear of writing stories that may cause a reader to injury themselves or someone else attempting to follow the authors lead. Yes, you can put the “do not try this at home” clause at the beginning, but I’d say “do not try this between the sheets of a book if you only have research through the internet”. As an author we hold a great responsibility to what we put out to our readers and those readers that don’t email, FB message or Twitter us about our stories.

Lastly, I will say to any authors who would dare to pen bondage, erotic tales…have fun with it. Treat it just as you would a contemporary, suspense, fantasy or paranormal, but know your facts.

Check out her latest works! Just click on the covers and buy:


Yvette Hines cover


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