Hello Kate. Such a pleasure to have you here. I’ve been following your career for a good three years, and I love all your books, especially your series work. You’re now dabbling in another series, Play at Work, that’s a bit naughtier and kinkier.WHOO-HOO! The first book that really hooked me was Spanking Mr. Whitman. Now you have a follow up to that: Dungeon Time.


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But before we get into that, could you tell our readers what made you start writing in the BDSM genre?

I have a fascination for all the ways that people come together to fill one another’s needs. When I met some people in the lifestyle who shared something about their lifestyle I realized how loving it can be, and I wanted to learn more.

Could you tell us the misconceptions about this lifestyle. A lot of people have images of naked people hanging by ropes and getting paddled. Oh, that does happen. LOL. Please explain more.
Yes, it does happen, and this year I had the opportunity to see it in a dungeon. But what I witnessed was people who were into one another so much that all they had to do was stand close together and they changed. Their ‘coupleness’ was evident in a way I’d never seen before, it’s hard to describe how close they seemed, how they couldn’t keep their hands off one another even when they weren’t in the ‘scene.’ Yes, there are people who show up for a quick paddling or something, but that’s no different from a singles bar. And at this dungeon, everyone who came together came as friends, family…the atmosphere was amazing and I was so touched by their openness and willingness to share their lives.

What was your inspiration for Edward Masters? (Love the last name by the way. WINK).
He came from Spanking Ms. Whitman, in my mind looked a lot like Richard Gere in his Pretty Woman days except for the dark hair. And from the Doms I know who (despite all the stereotypes) put their subs first.

What was you inspiration for Ann Palladino? I think a lot of women see themselves in her.
That’s something else altogether. One of my oldest, best friends sees herself in all my heroines…this one has a heaping dose of my Anna in it. She is not in a BDSM relationship, but she comes from a similar background and has had to create herself as a modern woman.

How does one write BDSM, yet keep the characters so sympathetic like you did in Dungeon Time.
I don’t think it’s hard. People who live BDSM are no different from anyone else in the ways that count. They work jobs, like to eat a nice meal…shoot, the dungeon I went to had a BBQ grill in the back that members like to gather around on a summer afternoon. Okay so they also have a few other interesting features in the house. A nice collection of whips and chains, harnesses and hooks hanging from the ceiling, an oubliette.
Only in some dynamics of their relationships do they differ from vanilla relationships, though…and really no two even of those are the same.

I love how Master has conflicting emotion. Is this common in the lifestyle? Do you happen to know….ahem any Doms?
I don’t know if it’s common, but I do know it happens. And, yes, I know some, and one Domme in particular who has the most amazing comforting feel whenever you are in her presence.

This book has the charters from Spanking Ms. Whitman, Mona Whitman and Richard Marks (kinda like what his last name implies too! WINK). Will there be another book in the Play at Work series, where we delve deeper into the lives of this foursome?
The next one is about someone who works for the contractor who is doing some work on Mr. Master’s beach house. She is a BBW of Polynesian descent and lives in Malibu, where everyone is fashionably thin. The hero is…well, I think I’ll leave it as a surprise, but he is also a member of the same dungeon that Mr. Marks and Mr. Masters belong to so the gang will be showing up again and we can see how…and what…they are up to.

Thank you so much for being our special guest!

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Dungeon Time Blurb and Excerpt


Short Blurb:

Anna Palladino dreams of independence from her over-protective but loving family. Her fantasies, gained from erotic novels, show her possibilities she doesn’t believe extend to real life.  Her limited experience in the bedroom has confirmed her low expectations.

Edward Masters is ready to give up his own fantasy life if that’s what it takes to have the home and family of his dreams. He has set his sights on a sweet, innocent woman who works for his friend and client Randolph Marks. Marks has found the perfect combination of vixen and warm companion in his Mona, but is it too much to hope that Edward and Anna will be the next office romance at Marks and Company? Is the cute, curly haired receptionist ready to take on the desires of a Dom, or has Edward seen his last night of play in the dungeon?

Edward closed the door with a soft click and approached, Nikes squeaking on the wide oak boards. “I like my comforts.” He stood just behind her, his breath soft on her cheek. “Did you want to take a swim in the pool? The water is warm.”

She shivered, something about the way he said “warm,” implying so much more. “I don’t have a suit with me.”

“Perhaps another time.” He rested his hands on the sill, on either side of her, smooth muscled forearms with a light sprinkling of dark hairs drawing her complete attention, but then he pushed away and left her there, alone with the moonlight glinting off the dark ocean and the swimming pool. “I’ll call for pizza. Pepperoni okay?”

“Yes, fine.” What if he had suggested she swim without a suit? Would she have done it? Not usually, but on the day of her independence, with so many other extraordinary things happening, maybe.

While he ordered their dinner, she focused on the pool, imagining him in there, stroking back and forth with the moon shining on his skin, lighting his hair. Muscles low in her belly tightened and her panties dampened.

“Wine?” He reappeared at her side and handed her a heavy goblet. “I hope you like cabernet.”

Her cheeks heated “I’m surprised you trust me with it, after my behavior earlier.”

Edward rested a hand on her waist and turned her away from the window. “Oh, yes. Not a good policy, getting tipsy during the work day.” He took her arm and led her to one of the deep sofas, against the side wall. “You were a bad girl.”

Reckless with freedom, she giggled. “Yes, I was. Someone should take me in hand before I run completely amok.”

“I think I’d like to see what you’re like, running amok.” Drawing her down at his side in the deep cushions, Edward took the glass from her hand and set it on a side table.

“Wait, I didn’t have any yet.”

“Before you do, I want to taste you. Then you may have your wine back.”

She tipped her head back and licked her lips. Taste me? Edward smoothed her hair from her face and cupped her chin. He held her gaze, his eyes alight with a gleam that sent a thrill of fright and arousal right to her core. I am so out of my depth with this man. Coherence fled when his lips descended on hers. No softness, no giving, only taking. His tongue parted her lips and plundered her mouth, circling, dancing, and retreating, stroking against her own; rough velvet that left no part of her sane.

Author Bio

Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. She would gladly spend all her days in the mountains, but she’d miss the beach…and her very supportive husband’s commute would be three hundred miles. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy I one another, that counts.

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Whew! Hot stuff! June 6, 2013

By TannieHYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1RLG74SLIUJLS/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp” HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1RLG74SLIUJLS/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp”Sandyflatt

I love Kate Richards’ hotty shorts. This one made me laugh at times and I really liked seeing other characters in the series doing well. I can’t wait for the next one so I can catch up with Mona and Randolph!