Humor, Paranormal Romance

A reluctant Heir Apparent, a reluctant soul-mate and an all too eager BFF, bring lightheartedness and HOT LOVIN’ to this story of love, and finding oneself.

Drake and Seth are not your normal neighbors. In fact, they’re not normal period! But neither is Roxanne Watson, their neighbor and soul mate. The problem is convincing her to be their one and only, and oh yeah, come into their world of vampires and werewolves.

Roxanne is special, but Drake and Seth are having a hard time to get her to see things their way. Even with the help of her crazy psychic friend, things are not staying on track.

Roxanne wants to commit all her friends to the asylum. They’re all crazy! But as time goes on, she begins to doubt her own sanity


There stood a massive brown, gray, and blue Victorian. When did they finally finish?

And someone was actually moving in!

She got out of the car watching the movers and looking for the new occupants. They shouldn’t be hard to spot. Probably dressed in black shrouds; the house looked more creepy than quaint.

Before she realized it, she was standing in front of her door. She heard the meowings of Chaplin. The white cat with a black mustache under his nose had his face smashed against the window, looking out at her with extreme interest.

“Hey kitty kitty,” she said, playfully as she was turning the key. Then poof! Chaplin disappeared. Spastic cat, she mused.

“Okay, mommy’s here baby,” she said, walking in the house.

As she stepped inside, she quickly caught sight of two men who suddenly appeared to the side of her.

Two tall men.

Two fine men.

Two very tall fine men.

Very fine. They were very close to her now.

One was at least six two. Long wavy jet-black hair cascaded over his shoulders. It was so black that it gave off a midnight blue cast and it sucked up the sun’s rays. His eyes were an emerald green and his features! Good laaawd! Chiseled from stone. High check bones, square jaw and a gorgeous mouth. A fallen angel. Dark, brooding and dangerous. Dangerous being the operative word here she thought.

The other man was just as blessed in the looks department. The difference was in hair color. He was a blond, and where the rays of the sun seemed to be swallowed by the dark haired one, his reflected the light making a golden halo around his head. His eyes were a spooky light gray and his features not as severe, just a tad softer. He was at least six three. This one could only be described as beautiful.

Both were built. She could tell just by the way their clothes hung on their bodies. And speaking of hung….

She looked down and was very impressed. She made an audible gasp. They couldn’t be…erect, could they? Blinking twice, she refocused and quickly looked back up at the two hoping they didn’t notice her wondering eyes.