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There are all kinds of teaching going on at the University these days!

Tina is returning to teach at her former University and maybe hook up with Peter, who’s teasingly called the ‘Male Librarian’ by students and faculty.  But she soon finds out the geeky façade is just that. He may be the absentminded professor by day, but he’s a master in the bedroom at night.

Peter teaches more off campus than on with his new playmate Tina, but is she ready to explore him teaching her new things by his rules?


He walked toward her closing the gap between them a mere two inches. He took her by the chin and tilted her head back. She instinctively closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes!”

They snapped open.

“Look at me!”

She did.

“I’ve been waiting for you to say those words to everyone, ever since I saw you with that collar.”

“Wh….what words?”

“That someone else has the key.” Still holding her chin, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt with his free hand.

Tina let out a gasp. He wore the key to her collar on a chain around his neck.

“Between you and me, right?”

She just nodded.

“Good.” He let go of her chin. “This may turn out to be an interesting quarter after all.” He crossed arms then crossed his feet at the ankles, looking cockier than ever.