“Do you mind if we spend the night?” Patrick inquired.

Sandra coughed and cleared her throat. It wouldn’t be the first time they stayed over. She had guest rooms, and they all crashed at each other’s places once in a while. But truth be told she wanted to finish her new reading material. The adult magazine she’d picked up, Just for Women had all kinds of hot, sexy stories in it. She’d been stuck on the same damn story for the past few weeks, but something always interrupted her.

She’d just gotten into the story the previous night when Rhonda called to give her the latest drama from her hair salon. Tonight was supposed to be Me Night. Sandra had it all planned, too: a glass of wine, a hot bath, a hot story, and maybe some self-pleasuring.

Each time she’d tried to read it, Sandra pictured Sean and Patrick as the men involved. She shook those images out of her head and tried to insert some other dude. Like Kenny, another trainer at Boot Camp. But it never worked. His face would haze over and be replaced with either Sean’s or Patrick’s. She had to mentally slap herself, because that would not do. They were her buddies.

Her two fine buddies.

Patrick was the epitome of dark and dangerous-looking, with Native American blood, and it showed nicely. Dark, shaggy hair fell to his collar, and he had what seemed like a permanent five-o-clock shadow. High cheekbones completed the bad-boy appearance, tempered with a slight hint of goofiness in his lopsided smile. His eyes were dark and brooding, which matched his personality at times. But Sandra had learned to deal with it.

Sean represented the blond, carefree, optimistic—and gorgeous type. His personality was the polar opposite of his friend’s. She loved the contrast of the two. She loved being included in their lives. Nothing intimate could ever happen between them.

But one could dream.


My B’Day Blog: Venturing in New Territory—Writing BDSM

When I first started out writing in the romantica genre, it was pretty tame except for a few epublishers. And the stuff I wrote was pretty low key also. Of course, you had more than your normal romance story sex scenes, and they were a bit more graphic. But nothing to turn your hair gray.

As I read more ebooks,  the racier the stories were becoming. I also saw what more readers were gravity to. Books with disclaimers like: GRAPHIC CONTENT. MAY OFFEND SOME READERS.  I decided then to up the anti in my writing too. No big deal, just more sex scenes and more conflict between characters, which was something I loved reading anyway.

And just so you know. For those that think it’s easy to write romance/erotica. It ain’t. It’s  harder than mysteries, in my humble opinion. It’s not just a bunch of sex scenes strung together. It has to make sense in the story plot. Yes, the story has to have a plot. LOL

But I digress.

So I read more, listen to my fan base, saw what was selling and made sure I personally liked it as well. Why?

Because if you don’t like a certain genre or topic in particular, you can’t write it with any honesty. Trust me, not matter how hard you try, it will show in your writing that you really; one, don’t like the topic. Two, the genre as a whole makes you feel queasy and three, you’ve done little to no research on the topic.

Well, that wasn’t the case with me. I decided after years of going back and forth and reading the genre, to dabble in BDSM.

Okay, let me first start off by saying, I had preconceived notions about the topic. Whenever I saw BDSM, I cringed. And by the way, ten years ago, there were not a lot of books just sitting on the selves of your local bookstore. You had to know certain authors that wrote those type of books and order them, or go to specialty stores. And these stores were small, on the corner ‘literary’ type stores. And finally, stores that catered to erotica or porn.

When I wanted to read those type of books, I use to go to the counter of my local bookstore and sheepishly ask the person at the register to order the book. Then I‘d pick it up, trying not to look ashamed. Especially since the cover would have a nearly nude woman bound and gagged on it.

SIGH. Those were the days.

Now with the Internet (and the closing of so many brick and mortar bookstores, grrrr), it’s easy to obtain those books. All you have to do is type in BDSM in the search bar and you are inundated with books, magazines, dating sites and of course porno.

I read at least 30 of these types of books in the past five to seven years. From the playful to the real intense to everything in-between. To be honest with you, my taste is somewhere in-between but closer to the tame stuff. LOL

However, that’s not to say I haven’t read some very good heavy material. Bridget Midway writes excellent BDSM, but it’s not for the faint of heart. However, her characters and story line will keep you turning the pages. Yvette Hines is another one. Great character development, Kate Richards and Tara Rose go from the mild to medium.  There is something out there for everyone!

So after reading so many of these books, I decided to dip my toes in the proverbial BDSM pool. I started with House Arrest.


Not really BDSM, more of role play and a little power play, but not what one would consider pure BDSM.

My second book Detention, got a little more into it, but it was more Dom/sub play. Still couldn’t venture into that realm of true BDSM.


Now with my third and current book, Lectures in Discipline, I dive into it with both feet. It’s still on the light to medium side, but it shows more of what the BDSM lifestyle is about. How people interact with each other. I talk about the club scene, equipment used in punishments and pleasure, forms of punishments. It’s also about a woman who is discovering herself at the same time discovering the world of BDSM.


Like me!

I had so many misconception of BDSM. I thought it was one thing and one thing only. I did not realize there were so many shades of—no, I’m not going to say it.

But anyway, the whole lifestyle covers a wide range. It can be very playful, to very intense and emotional. The people who participate in it are normal everyday folks. They can be your neighbor, the mailman. Even that church lady. LOL

Once I realized what BDSM actual is—and isn’t, it became easier to write it. I was able to tap something within myself too, that allowed the honesty to show through in my story also. My characters act genuine without seeming forced. The sex scenes, as well as punishments and rewards are organic. I can honestly say that I had no hardship in writing this story.

Will I write more BDSM stories? Yes.

Will I write more intense BDSM stories? That remains to be seen. I am still growing in this genre and still finding out new things. But as I learn and grow from my research, I can promise you, so will my writing.

GIVEAWAY! Comment and get a chance to win a copy of It’s a Jungle out There!


And Don’t forget to go check out my other Lionesses. Gynger Fyer and Eden Royce on their blogs, and a chance to win prizes. Look for those key words!!

Please Welcome Yvette Hines as she discusses the BDSM Genre

From Reader to Writer of BDSM

My first foray into the BDSM genre was as a reader; coming across books by authors that had been doing it long before I even knew anything about it. The stories, or should I say the complexity of the relationship of the Dom/sub captivated me. I had always enjoyed English historical where the hero was dark, dangerous and commanding. I guess you could say I have a ‘type’ when it comes to the heroes I read and write.

My curiosity continued to grow and I found myself wanting to know more. Similar to a lot of others, I’m sure. I reached out to an author friend of mine, who was already writing the genre and she suggested that if I was interested in penning bondage stories I should attend a munch. When I asked her why, she explained to me that in order to write the stories well I needed to understand the people in the lifestyle. See ii for myself, touch things, hear the sounds within a scene and talk to people. Don’t go off your own assumptions. That turned out to be the best advice. It was in 2007 when I attended my first BDSM event and I still go to them throughout the year. I now have a network of friends in both the BDSM and Leather community. (Yes, there is a difference.)

Since my first story, Speed Dating to my Strong Blends series, I have grown to I love writing BDSM just as much as I enjoy writing shifters. Both of these genres deal with the intense alpha males. This is the same even if the hero is beta or submissive.  The second part is the error a lot of novice bondage authors make. Just because the heroine maybe the dominant in the story does not mean the hero needs to be weak or wimpy. This is a red flag to authors and readers showing a lack of respect and understanding of the lifestyle, a tale-tale sign the writer doesn’t understand the lifestyle.

In order to truly write the bondage genre, an author needs to immerse themselves in all things BDSM. Now, does that mean they need to begin to live the lifestyle? No. Some do. However, when you become a part of the bondage community it changes you, your perspective about your relationship and mentally at least you assign yourself a role—Dom or sub.

Also, a writer needs to be open to all the various dimensions of the lifestyle. BDSM is as simple as someone controlling what their submissive/slave eat or pinning them down during sex. It can also be as deep and intense as knife and fire play, or medical play. If an author has never witnessed or experienced some of the more extreme sides of BDSM or they are not communicating with an expert, I would suggest they steer clear of writing stories that may cause a reader to injury themselves or someone else attempting to follow the authors lead. Yes, you can put the “do not try this at home” clause at the beginning, but I’d say “do not try this between the sheets of a book if you only have research through the internet”. As an author we hold a great responsibility to what we put out to our readers and those readers that don’t email, FB message or Twitter us about our stories.

Lastly, I will say to any authors who would dare to pen bondage, erotic tales…have fun with it. Treat it just as you would a contemporary, suspense, fantasy or paranormal, but know your facts.

Check out her latest works! Just click on the covers and buy:


Yvette Hines cover


ANNOUNCEMENT!:  Please join Yvette Hines and Bridget Midway for  the following BDSM event: 2013 Wrapped Up: A Corseted Event with Bridget Midway and Yvette Hines:

Please Welcome Kate Richards and her latest: Dungeon Time (Play at Work)

Hello Kate. Such a pleasure to have you here. I’ve been following your career for a good three years, and I love all your books, especially your series work. You’re now dabbling in another series, Play at Work, that’s a bit naughtier and kinkier.WHOO-HOO! The first book that really hooked me was Spanking Mr. Whitman. Now you have a follow up to that: Dungeon Time.


BUY LINK Spanking Mr. Whitman AMAZON


But before we get into that, could you tell our readers what made you start writing in the BDSM genre?

I have a fascination for all the ways that people come together to fill one another’s needs. When I met some people in the lifestyle who shared something about their lifestyle I realized how loving it can be, and I wanted to learn more.

Could you tell us the misconceptions about this lifestyle. A lot of people have images of naked people hanging by ropes and getting paddled. Oh, that does happen. LOL. Please explain more.
Yes, it does happen, and this year I had the opportunity to see it in a dungeon. But what I witnessed was people who were into one another so much that all they had to do was stand close together and they changed. Their ‘coupleness’ was evident in a way I’d never seen before, it’s hard to describe how close they seemed, how they couldn’t keep their hands off one another even when they weren’t in the ‘scene.’ Yes, there are people who show up for a quick paddling or something, but that’s no different from a singles bar. And at this dungeon, everyone who came together came as friends, family…the atmosphere was amazing and I was so touched by their openness and willingness to share their lives.

What was your inspiration for Edward Masters? (Love the last name by the way. WINK).
He came from Spanking Ms. Whitman, in my mind looked a lot like Richard Gere in his Pretty Woman days except for the dark hair. And from the Doms I know who (despite all the stereotypes) put their subs first.

What was you inspiration for Ann Palladino? I think a lot of women see themselves in her.
That’s something else altogether. One of my oldest, best friends sees herself in all my heroines…this one has a heaping dose of my Anna in it. She is not in a BDSM relationship, but she comes from a similar background and has had to create herself as a modern woman.

How does one write BDSM, yet keep the characters so sympathetic like you did in Dungeon Time.
I don’t think it’s hard. People who live BDSM are no different from anyone else in the ways that count. They work jobs, like to eat a nice meal…shoot, the dungeon I went to had a BBQ grill in the back that members like to gather around on a summer afternoon. Okay so they also have a few other interesting features in the house. A nice collection of whips and chains, harnesses and hooks hanging from the ceiling, an oubliette.
Only in some dynamics of their relationships do they differ from vanilla relationships, though…and really no two even of those are the same.

I love how Master has conflicting emotion. Is this common in the lifestyle? Do you happen to know….ahem any Doms?
I don’t know if it’s common, but I do know it happens. And, yes, I know some, and one Domme in particular who has the most amazing comforting feel whenever you are in her presence.

This book has the charters from Spanking Ms. Whitman, Mona Whitman and Richard Marks (kinda like what his last name implies too! WINK). Will there be another book in the Play at Work series, where we delve deeper into the lives of this foursome?
The next one is about someone who works for the contractor who is doing some work on Mr. Master’s beach house. She is a BBW of Polynesian descent and lives in Malibu, where everyone is fashionably thin. The hero is…well, I think I’ll leave it as a surprise, but he is also a member of the same dungeon that Mr. Marks and Mr. Masters belong to so the gang will be showing up again and we can see how…and what…they are up to.

Thank you so much for being our special guest!

Please tell your fans and new reader where they can find you.
Facebook Fan Page
Goodreads Page

Dungeon Time Blurb and Excerpt


Short Blurb:

Anna Palladino dreams of independence from her over-protective but loving family. Her fantasies, gained from erotic novels, show her possibilities she doesn’t believe extend to real life.  Her limited experience in the bedroom has confirmed her low expectations.

Edward Masters is ready to give up his own fantasy life if that’s what it takes to have the home and family of his dreams. He has set his sights on a sweet, innocent woman who works for his friend and client Randolph Marks. Marks has found the perfect combination of vixen and warm companion in his Mona, but is it too much to hope that Edward and Anna will be the next office romance at Marks and Company? Is the cute, curly haired receptionist ready to take on the desires of a Dom, or has Edward seen his last night of play in the dungeon?

Edward closed the door with a soft click and approached, Nikes squeaking on the wide oak boards. “I like my comforts.” He stood just behind her, his breath soft on her cheek. “Did you want to take a swim in the pool? The water is warm.”

She shivered, something about the way he said “warm,” implying so much more. “I don’t have a suit with me.”

“Perhaps another time.” He rested his hands on the sill, on either side of her, smooth muscled forearms with a light sprinkling of dark hairs drawing her complete attention, but then he pushed away and left her there, alone with the moonlight glinting off the dark ocean and the swimming pool. “I’ll call for pizza. Pepperoni okay?”

“Yes, fine.” What if he had suggested she swim without a suit? Would she have done it? Not usually, but on the day of her independence, with so many other extraordinary things happening, maybe.

While he ordered their dinner, she focused on the pool, imagining him in there, stroking back and forth with the moon shining on his skin, lighting his hair. Muscles low in her belly tightened and her panties dampened.

“Wine?” He reappeared at her side and handed her a heavy goblet. “I hope you like cabernet.”

Her cheeks heated “I’m surprised you trust me with it, after my behavior earlier.”

Edward rested a hand on her waist and turned her away from the window. “Oh, yes. Not a good policy, getting tipsy during the work day.” He took her arm and led her to one of the deep sofas, against the side wall. “You were a bad girl.”

Reckless with freedom, she giggled. “Yes, I was. Someone should take me in hand before I run completely amok.”

“I think I’d like to see what you’re like, running amok.” Drawing her down at his side in the deep cushions, Edward took the glass from her hand and set it on a side table.

“Wait, I didn’t have any yet.”

“Before you do, I want to taste you. Then you may have your wine back.”

She tipped her head back and licked her lips. Taste me? Edward smoothed her hair from her face and cupped her chin. He held her gaze, his eyes alight with a gleam that sent a thrill of fright and arousal right to her core. I am so out of my depth with this man. Coherence fled when his lips descended on hers. No softness, no giving, only taking. His tongue parted her lips and plundered her mouth, circling, dancing, and retreating, stroking against her own; rough velvet that left no part of her sane.

Author Bio

Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. She would gladly spend all her days in the mountains, but she’d miss the beach…and her very supportive husband’s commute would be three hundred miles. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy I one another, that counts.

Book Cover Link

Amazon Link:


Facebook Fan Page

Goodreads Page



Whew! Hot stuff! June 6, 2013

By TannieHYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “”Sandyflatt

I love Kate Richards’ hotty shorts. This one made me laugh at times and I really liked seeing other characters in the series doing well. I can’t wait for the next one so I can catch up with Mona and Randolph!


Let’s Welcome Award Winning Author Ursula Sinclair and her latest, The Ballerina and the Fighter!

Please give a warm welcome to Bestselling Award Winning Author, Ursula Sinclair.

Ursula, I’m a big fan of your erotic suspense work, The Guardian Agency.ImageImage

BUY LINK Guardian Agency  AMAZON

BUY LINK The Ballerina and The Fighter AMAZON

But now you have a new one coming out, early July, starting with Book One, The Ballerina and the Fighter. This one is very different; it’s a New Adult Contemporary novel.  

What inspired you to dabble in this genre?

I’m a huge Twilight fan and that got me thinking about writing in the YA genre but to me there was something of the realism missing, and not talking about paranormals of the genre but the contemporary. Then I read this book that was a contemporary for 17+ that contained violence and adult situations. It was in this new genre termed New Adult. Then I went searching for other books in the genre and just fell in love with it.  I found it to be truer, grittier, not pulling punches about what happens in the lives of teens and college age young adults. The genre dealt with issues like, drinking, drugs, rape, peer pressure, cutting, death, violence. More realistic issues that our young people face today and the decisions they make.

I love Maze. He’s Alpha-Male personified for such a young man. What was your muse/inspiration for him?

Maze as a mixed martial arts fighter is very discipled. But on the other hand he’s still young, and sometimes his temper gets the best of him. My muse for Maze is a cross between Johnny Depp and Mark Wahlberg. Depp for his good looks, Wahlberg for his edge, that air of barely leashed violence.

How about Ivy? She is the complete opposite of him; delicate, non-violent, yet so strong. Who or what was your inspiration for her?

She’s an amalgamation of most of the dancers that I’ve known who have sacrificed and struggled through rejection and pain for their love of ballet. They are the strongest athletes I know, yet personify elegance and grace under fire. They dance through so much pain and the beauty of it is the audience usually never knows. Let’s put it this way how many people can twist an ankle or strain a knee yet still get up on pointe? That’s all of your weight on one foot, on your toes, that’s rest on a block of wood.

The Chinese gangs that you talk about in the story, where did you do your research?

Movies, articles on the internet, and my imagination. None of it should be taken as gospel. My creation is pure fiction. lol

The fight scenes are awesome and very realistic. In fact, I cringed a bit reading them, but couldn’t wait til’ the next scene. Did you do any special research for those?

I love martial arts movies. I watched a ton of them and spoke to my brothers who practice a form of martial arts. Really I just described common moves that I observed.

There’s a serious back story with Maze, we get a taste of it, but just a taste. Or should I say tease. LOL. Will we be learning more about his background?

Yes. And that’s all I’m going to say. lol

One secondary character stood out to me Dante. My goodness he sounds super hot! Anything that might be happening with him later? WINK WINK

hahahahahaha see the answer above.


Tell everyone when The Ballerina and Fighter is coming out and where they can purchase it.

Fingers crossed it will be out July 1st on Amazon.

So glad you could stop by and tell us about the riveting story, and I’m sure out readers can’t wait until it hit’s the virtual shelves.

 Ursula Sinclair is the alter ego for LaVerne Thompson

Contact either at:

The Ballerina & The Fighter

by Ursula Sinclair

aka LaVerne Thompson


I travel through life dancing.

All I ever wanted to do was dance, as did my best friend. We’d made so many plans together, but one night an explosion changed it all. Only one of us survived, and I promised myself I’d succeed for us both. And I did, until an accident almost ruined my career, but Maze came back into my life when I needed him most. He pulled me out of the depths of my despair. But could I save him now?

I travel through life fighting.

It had always been Ivy; from the first moment I saw her leaping through the air like she had wings to lift her from the ground. But she was my dream, something I wanted more than anything else in my life. I promised myself I would stay away from her. Violence followed me everywhere and I tried to keep her far away from it. She was my point of illumination in the dark, tumultuous world I lived in. But I could not stay away from her. Not when I knew she needed me. As much as I needed her. But could she accept me as I am?


The first time I saw her it was evening, that time of day when the setting sun hit the ocean and turned it a burnt orange. Most of the vacationers had deserted the beach for the restaurants, swarming the main drag or the barbecues in their rented back yards. There were only a few folks here or there walking or hanging around the water’s edge, but it was a great time for my run. Even though I was on down time I never stopped training. I listened to an Eminem track on my iPhone, perfect for my pacing.

The breeze from inland drew the heat from the sand beneath my bare feet and the salt spray from the ocean cooled my body as I ran through the waves lapping at my ankles. My stride went from a jog to a walk until I stopped altogether, and pulled my ear buds outta my ears. She was doing these beautiful leaps into the air, but the one that stopped me in my tracks was the firebird. At the time I didn’t know what any of them were called, only that the beauty of the evening paled in comparison to the female that stole my attention, as she propelled her body through the air. Like gravity had no hold on her. As a mixed martial artist, I understood the way gravity could be manipulated but this girl took it to another level. I’d been studying martial arts all my life and had never really seen anything like it. But from some part of me the word ballet whispered across my consciousness.

She landed perfectly on the sand on her toes, while the other leg was stretched in a straight line, aiming for the sky. Her upper torso leaned slightly forward, one hand reached toward the sand and the wind whipped her long hair about hiding her face from me. The ballerina, that’s what I decided she had to be, lowered the airborne leg, and as soon as both feet were on the ground she ran toward a white girl who held a camera. Then it dawned on me, they were taking pictures. They were both around the same age, anywhere from sixteen to nineteen. They were huddled over the camera screen. I was kinda curious to take a look at those pictures myself and see the face of the girl who could fly so effortlessly through the air.

I didn’t even realize I was headed in their direction until the girl with the camera glanced up and gave me an eye fuck, before nudging her friend who raised her head and our gazes locked. I stumbled. I never stumble. But even from twenty some feet away this chick had some kinda hold on me.

“Nice moves,” I said, as I approached them. I stifled a groan. Could I be any more cheesy? Still both girls smiled at me. Damn ballerina had the cutest set of dimples. I wanted to dip my tongue into them.

Brown eyes with a hint of green in the center stared unblinking back at me. A face some might call oval, I called perfect, was the canvas for a button nose and sexy ass lips that screamed for my mouth on hers. Fuck this girl was hot. Her body had a natural tan and the time in the sun had added a hint of gold to her dark honey complexion. She had on those kind of low cut short denim shorts that could pass for panties and a cropped red top that showed off a flat stomach. She wasn’t as curvy as most of the girls I normally go for, her breast would barely fill my hand, but hers was a finely toned slightly muscled body. That of a dancer. And her legs. I shit you not, her legs would wrap nicely around my waist, or another image flashed across my mind that had the blood rushing to my dick. I knew she’d be flexible enough to wrap those legs over my shoulders as I pushed all the way deep into her.

I don’t know how long we stood there checking each other out. Now I knew what that shit means, ‘when time stands still’. What the fuck? But there it was. She blinked and glanced over at her friend. I’m glad she broke eye contact because it freed me from whatever the fuck was happening to me. I shook my head to clear out any damn cobwebs trying to take root and opened my mouth.

“Can I see?” I kept my hands at my sides, not trying to come off too pushy by reaching toward the camera.

Welcome to My Blog – An Introduction

This Blog is focused on writing and writers. Every author is welcomed here. Share your stories, your ideas, tips, muses or even your cover on your upcoming release.

But we’re going to do it in an organized manner. This is how:

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Shameless Plug

Okay, this is where you can make your largest work shine! Get your name out there, if you’re new, or let your already mass following know you have another story coming out!
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We’ll have something new at least once a week. We’ll also have contests. And of course I will announce my latest works and WIPs too.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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